Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Project

1.Problem- will bean grow in mountain dew.
2.Background Knowledge- the plants need water to grow.
3.Hypothesis- I Thoth that the plant in mountain dew would not grow.
4 Materials-The first thing you do is get out all your materials such as :
1. pop (mt.dew)
2. water
3.2- Great Northern beans
4. 2- 2oz cups
6.dropper/ cylinder
7. ruler
8. graph paper and p
5.Method- step1- get your 2- cup, soil, 2-seeds, water

step2- take both of your 2oz cups and put 2oz of soil in each one and put the seed on top.

step3- the take your figure and push the seed into the dirt then water on and then water the other one with (mt.dew).
6.Experiment- to see if the bean would grow batter in mountain dew then water.
7.Collect Data-turned in the graph
8.Conclusion- the plant that was watered with water grow and the mountain dew plant did not grow.
9.Questions for Extensions-what would happen if I put both water and mountain dew together

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